Ideas For Starting A Corporate Health And Wellness Program

25 Jan

Having an employee's wellness programs is a great idea that is known to increase the productivity of the employees. It also reduces the chances of having absentees' day in day out and reduces the cost spent on health insurance premiums as few employees need to visit hospitals. It promotes good health to employees as well as create a happy lot of workforce. To form a successful corporate wellness program, start with a survey where you will seek to understand staff opinions on the proposed program. Below are some ideas that a corporate company can adopt while creating an employee's wellness program.

Construct a gym and equip it with all the necessary equipment and tools. The company can also outsource from businesses that lease fitness programs to corporate organizations at affordable fees. Insurance companies also provide wellness programs and nutrition advice to corporate staff.

The company can also allocate the responsible staff to educate staff on the importance of health and safety. It can be organized and conducted during lunch break, or evening sessions. It can also be held as an event once a year or twice or quarterly. During the event, incorporate the sessions with fun-filled activities to motivate the participants. Another idea is to partner with counselors and groups who offer stress management education programs to employees. The programs can be held on the need basis when an employee requests, or planned after a given time, visit website!

The company can also form sports team for various games such as football, netball, handball, hockey, etc. Taking part in the games will provide an excellent chance for exercises and relaxation. It will also ensure staff remains fit and ready for work anytime. Know more about health at

Organize regular onsite medical camps for the staff. During the camp, staff will receive medical screening and nutritional advice on eating habits and how to eat and live clean and weight management programs. The medical testing is vital as they enable the medical team to pinpoint a risky health issue with any of the staff. Also, include a child care program to be accessed kids of the staff. A healthy child ensures the parent is happy and able to take his or her duties at work efficiently.

To reduce stress arising from financial problems, introduce economic counseling programs to employees. Partner with investment companies that offer advice on investments options. Click this link!

Come up with a wellness program policy and issue to staff. The policy will contain guidelines on how to maintain a healthy life, within and outside the workplace. Hang posters on notice boards and other relevant places, with essential details regarding the wellness of the employees.

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